Saturday, April 26, 2008

Egg Rolls Anyone?

My wife and I really love egg rolls, or anything else in the Asian cuisine arena for that matter. One day, we attended a class that teaches how to make healthier foods and they taught us how to make egg rolls. Ali, the teacher for the day, gave us a delicious recipe for egg rolls and so we tried it out. Now it's one of our favorite recipes!

Given that I like to adapt things to my kitchen, and the fact that I sometimes forget things, I adapted Ali's recipe to fit the things I had on hand. I also cut her recipe in half so that I wouldn't have tons of leftovers.

These are the ingredients that I used.

I like this brand of egg roll wraps, because they don't have tons of corn starch on them to keep them separated.

This sweet Thai chili sauce can be bought at Wal Mart. It's kinda spicy at first, but after the first few bites it's pretty yummy. My daughter likes them with ranch dressing... go figure! =)

First thing's first, we need to put the bean thread in some hot water while we cook the sausage. I empty out some of the water and put more hot water in about half way through cooking the sausage. Do you like my pink cup?

While the bean thread is soaking, I cook the sausage. If you cover it, it helps it cook quicker. The sausage is done when you can no longer see any pink in it.

Drain the sausage and put it into a large salad/mixing bowl. Then cut the bean thread up and add it to the sausage. I like to just cut it up over the top of sausage. It's pretty easy that way and makes for less of a mess to clean up later.

Mix up the bean thread and sausage. The recipe that we got from Ali called for shredding a cabbage and carrots, but when I read that I thought to myself, "That's just like coleslaw!" So, I bought a bag of coleslaw and added it to the mix instead of having to work so hard on shredding all of those vegetables.

Mix the coleslaw into the sausage and bean thread, then add two eggs. I also add about 3/4 tsp of salt and 1/4 tsp of pepper and mix it all in.

Separate an egg yolk and put it in a bowl. I use a basting brush to pop it and for the wrapping step just ahead.

Put a heaping spoon of mixture onto an egg roll wrap diagonally.

Fold the bottom corner over the top and sort of tuck it in.

Next, bring the two sides up to the middle.

And then roll it over, being careful to make sure the ends are sealed.

Finally, you brush a little egg yolk onto the wrap, or just on the tip of the wrap, to seal it shut. Don't they look good already?

Heat some oil in a pan on Medium heat. Once it looks warm, use a pair of tongs to lower the egg rolls into the oil. Roll them over at least once to make them brown and crisp all the way around.

This recipe makes about 18 -20 egg rolls, depending on how much mix you put in each one. (Note my son making his move to get some!)

1 lb Italian sausage
4 oz Bean Thread
1 bag Coleslaw
3 Eggs
3/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
20 Wraps
Oil for frying

(Optional- and definitely yummy to add!!!)
1-2 Chopped Green Onions
1/4 Cup chopped Cilantro

Keep on cookin'!


kanaboke said...

I knew I could smell something that resembled Egg Rolls! I shoulda knocked on the Wall and said, "I'm coming over for Egg Rolls!!" TeHeHeHeHe!

Joseppe said...

You should have! We had plenty!

Doreen said...

Those look good! I'm going to bookmark your blog, always looking for new things to cook. :o)

Joseppe said...

Thanks Doreen. Keep checking back here for more yummy recipes. I like to make different kinds of foods from all over, and Tearese likes to keep me posting them. So, I'm certain you'll see lots more to come!

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy the egg rolls? We have corn allergies at my house and I have another egg roll recipe with chicken!

Joseppe said...

I buy the wraps at Lee's on 1400 North in Logan.

Kara said...

Those look really yummy! Hey, a while ago you posted a picture of a German cake? Are you going to post the recipe?

Joseppe said...

Kara, I've been a little behind, but I've got two recipes that I have to post soon. Probably after my PRAXIS though. I'm pretty tied up with studying for that.

Look for it after this weekend!

Kara said...

We made these tonight! There were a few things we'll have to perfect next time, (like how long to cook them) but they were very good! Thanks for the recipe!

PS Good luck on your PRAXIS.